Kolli Hills Resorts with Campfire & Swimming Pool

About Kolli Hills:
Kolli hills is a small range of the Eastern Ghats Mountain ranges situates in Namakkal and Trichy. The route and hairpin bends makes it as a interesting travel place for Bikers mostly. This hill has 70 bends which makes it a go to travel destination for motorcycle enthusiasts. The place is neither crowded nor lonely to get scared. The mountain has many small pilgrimages and waterfalls where you can drench a bit and cooldown.

Resorts in Kolli Hills:
Kolli hills comprises of resorts of many ranges. All resorts make sure that you get an uninterrupted experience with nature also enjoy with your family and friends. There are resorts which provide different travel packages too. Look at all the resorts and the amenities available at each one and choose the best fit for you. Most of the resorts here provides breakfast just paying a little higher amount from your booking and you can select the options while booking. The resorts also provide campfire and Wi-Fi access. Some resorts are equipped with swimming pools and gym.

Homestay at Kolli Hills:
If you are planning for a weekend or a little longer stay at Kolli Hills and wanted to have a budget friendly and different experiences then homestays are the best at Kolli hills. There are many options in homestays are available, like sharing the house with another tourist or you can opt to stay at a separate villa or even a house where you will be only guests and few homestays also arrange for campfire. The food will be provided all 3 times as per your choice and homestays can never go wrong when you are travelling with friends and family.

You can look through our website to find all the resorts and homestays available at Kolli hills.

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