Munnar Tour Packages

Munnar a place known for its soulful nature, rolling hills and widely covered popular tea plantations. It is one of the best tamilnadu tourism package place lists and the destination provide a warm and refreshing experience for everyone whose looking forward for a holiday. Standing a top of the hills and enjoying the pleasant greenery, chirping of the birds, gentle breeze and the morning sunrise with a sip of a tea will definitely make you stay work in Munnar.

This beautiful hill station of Western Ghats is located in Kerala a place well known for the beauty of nature. Munnar is one of the very famous South Indian hill station and also called as Kashmir of the south.

Travel and stay in Munnar:
Munnar is one of a very popular tourist the transportation options are inclusive for all kind of people. The nearest airport for Munnar is Cochin international airport (COK) which is located 3.5 hours from Munnar. There are also options to rent a car or a bike, public transports are also available.

There are a wide range of Munnar tour packages available. The Munnar resorts here mostly provide accommodation along with breakfast and there are many other options included like WIFI, swimming pool etc. depending on the range of the resorts we choose.

Homestay is one of the most popular and convenient staying option in Munnar. Since, it is economical and allow us to enjoy the vacation with the coziness of home. The homestay has a variety of staying options like shared accommodations or renting the complete house. Delicious meals will be provided 3 times a day and customization options are available unlike resorts. The homestays also provide WIFI and parking space.

Activities to do in Munnar:
As it is one of the popular hill stations the well known activity to do here is Munnar trekking but apart from these there are a lot of must do things in Munnar which needs to be added to your to do list in Munnar.

Do not miss a stay at a tree house and camping a day at top of the hills. As exciting as it sounds this is a most popular adventurous activity in Munnar.

You may also enjoy rock climbing at any one of the hills, Bamboo rafting at the lake, mountain biking during mornings to see the sun peeking through the clouds, Jeep or Elephant safari which will make your stay a thrilling experience in Munnar.

There are a lot of activities to do in Munnar during your stay and the local people are friendly to help you. The place is not only romantic for couples but it’s for everyone and have things to do for people of all age groups makes it a versatile tourist spot.

The Munnar hill station is popular for it’s tea plantations since 19th century AD. Visit the tea museum to know many interesting facts about the tea and plantations. Take a visit to Eravikulam national park to peek a sight of many rare species of birds.

The best time to visit Munnar is all around the year but if you are looking for specific seasons we are mentioning here:

March to May – Summer
December to February – Winter
June to September – Monsoon

Don’t miss to tulip in the famous coconut based delicacies and a sip of tea from the wide range of flavors available in Munnar.

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