Thalamalai Hills Resort

Thalamalai hills is situated near in Dhimbam hills near Sathyamangalam tiger reserve. Planning to enjoy the weekend with your friends or bunking your classes to make a memorable day in your college life, then thalamalai hill resorts will be a great option. The thalamalai resorts are equipped with swimming pools in the midst of luscious greens. The resorts may also offer campfire in a pleasant location. If you would like to relish some delicious foods then don’t forget to inform your resorts, you can enjoy the authentic taste of the local organic food. The specialty of the food here is most of the produce used are home grown or locally sourced meat and vegetables which are free from harming chemicals. The fresh produce always enhance the taste of the food and make your trip a complete pleasure. The scenic views will definitely relax your minds and the mobile signals are less over these region making it another reason to escape the busy life over the city and savor your forest stay. The route and resorts over here mainly attracts men’s and college students. We have listed down the resorts available at Thalamalai hills below

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